After two years of preparation and working together with one of the laboratories with the most experience in high perfumery in France, we have created a unisex, modern and stylish Eau de Parfum.

Its unique and exclusive formula is produced in France following the traditional methods of French perfumery and using the best ingredients on the market.
Top notes: Sicilian bergamot, mandarin, orange, thyme.
Medium notes: leather, violet petals, Egyptian geranium.
Fond notes: amber, Indonesian patchouli, benzoin, Virginian cedarwood and Madagascar absolute vanilla.

The bottle, only available in the 100ml size, is black and its pure minimalistic shape is combined with the geometric form found in the animal world: the beehive. With the beauty of its shape and colour we have attained the sophistication which we have been looking for throughout the creative process in order to present our first product in the range of high perfumery.

The packaging is designed to be environmentally friendly, without the use of resins or glues. Thanks to a folding system, the box opens like a flower to unveil the bottle it was protecting inside and that contains the "nectar" of the essence that is our Eau de Parfum Santi Burgas.